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geomembrane liner 1.5mm for Biogas digester in Canada

Nov. 08, 2021

The construction of biogas digesters using geomembrane coverings provides a more cost-effective solution than steel or concrete enclosure systems-usually as low as one-eighth the price. Therefore, the use of geomembrane covers is becoming the most common form of this project. All geomembrane coverings are not equal, and their effectiveness requires some special qualities.

Insulation thickness-must be sufficient to withstand extreme temperatures and fluctuations

Chemical resistance-must be resistant to animal manure and methane aqueous solutions

Puncture resistance-must be able to adapt to human and animal traffic

Low permeability-must be able to retain gas

Excellent long-term weatherability-must have excellent UV protection

Low hydraulic conductivity

Low gas and water vapor transmission rate


Customers contacted with us on alibaba. The client said that he has a pig farm that emits a bad smell and hopes to improve the situation. After we understand this situation, we recommend that the customer build a biogas digester to turn waste into treasure. The client entrusted us with full responsibility for this project, including construction design, selection of geomembrane quality, and suggestions for installation. According to the local terrain, groundwater level and other factors, our technicians and engineers jointly designed the construction plan and the total quotation and sent it to the customer. For the later installation, our engineers were unable to pass due to the epidemic, so they contacted the local construction team for installation information. They let them negotiate the cost, and the customer is very satisfied.


In the construction design, first level the ground, dig a trench for the exhaust pipe at the bottom, and place a perforated PE pipe to discharge ground gas and upwelling groundwater to prevent the bottom from bulging. Then, a layer of 300gsm PET non-woven geotextile was laid on the ground to protect the HDPE geomembrane buried pipe lining and prevent sharp objects on the ground from damaging the HDPE geomembrane pool lining.


On the geotextile, the HDPE geomembrane was formally laid. In this project, we recommend that customers use the new material HDPE geomembrane lining with a thickness of 1.5mm to ensure the quality of the project and the service life of the testing station.


After the lining of the HDPE geomembrane tank is welded and confirmed that there is no leakage, some perforated PE pipes are placed on the HDPE geomembrane to discharge the waste generated at the bottom of the biogas tank.


Finally, cover a layer of 1.5mm thick HDPE geomembrane on it to complete the sealing work. It has been delivered.


Impermeable HDPE geomembrane liner has its own unique advantages as the main material of landfill.


First of all, as a landfill closure film, geomembrane liner has high airtightness, because geomembrane is made of high-density polyethylene particles, and its product itself has high impermeability and gas impermeability, which can effectively It prevents the breeding of flies and bacteria, and at the same time ensures that the garbage in the landfill does not spread out.


Secondly, as a landfill closure film, geomembrane has high impermeability. The geomembrane laid on the garbage not only prevents the breeding of flies and bacteria and the diffusion of garbage odor, but also blocks water such as external rain and dew. The infiltration of groundwater prevents pollution of groundwater.


Finally, as a landfill closure film, geomembrane HDPE geomembrane liner has a very high service life. The geomembrane itself is not easy to decompose. If it is buried underground, its lifespan can reach more than 50 years, even if it is exposed to the outside, its lifespan can reach more than 10 years.


Specification of HDPE geomembrane liner 1.5mm  for Biogas digester in Canada

HDPE Geomembrane Liner thickness – 1.5 mm

Total Quantity – 12,000 Square meters

Each roll Size – 8m*100m

Standard – ASTM GRI GM13 standard



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